Waste and damaged packaging

How do you account for waste packaging during racking / filling operation?
For instance, there are always dropped bottle caps, wasted labels, damaged cans and dropped can lids.
How can we account for that list inventory when we enter a filling operation?

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We handle this at the racking stage, so as an example you actually filled 100 bottles, you enter this racking number into breww, then on the following screen adjust the stock items here - say 103 bottles & 110 crown caps used. You can edit the number that breww suggests to you if you have stock items already setup to containers.

This will then take the actual quantity consumed out of stock, but will still only rack 100 bottles of finished beer for sale.

You can then review this in the Packaging Efficiency Report to see where you may have issues or abnormal wastages.

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Thanks - we were trying to find this spot on the moblie (iPhone) app and did not see it.
Did we juist miss it or is it for desktop only?

Ah, sorry I don’t know - we always do it on desktop

Hi Henry,

Welcome to the Breww community, and thanks for posting! @steve-neal has suggested exactly the process we would recommend! Unfortunately, this feature is only available when racking on the desktop version presently and not on the Breww mobile app, but if this is something you would like to see in the future, you can raise it as a feature request at Ideas & feature requests - Breww Community.

Please let us know if you need any additional support at all!

Yes, I will enter that as a feature request.
It seems like an omission to be able to do it on desktop and not on mobile when we rely on the staff to enter these things in the field.

I’m sorry for the confusion, but this can already be done on the mobile app, although I must admit that the user interface could be a bit clearer (i.e. an edit button).

During the racking process on the mobile app, a step will be shown that’s titled “Stock items used”, and you can add items at this stage. This will default to the items linked to your container type, for example this might default to 100 cans and 100 can lids (if you’re racking 100 cans).

If, for example, you wasted 20 can lids during the process, you could use the “Add a stock item” button choose the can lids stock item and enter a quantity of 20. This would take you back to the “Stock items used” with the quantity adjusted to 120 can lids. The number of cans themselves would still be at 100, and the number of canned products produced would still be 100.

I hope this makes sense, but please do let us know if you’re still having trouble with this :smile: