Racking issue when there are not enough inventory items in stock for the container


I have noticed that when you rack a beer into containers. If there are not enough containers on site to do this the racking is still created with the number you have created but only the number left in stock is added to the batch.

e.g. I rack off 40 kegs but I only have 20 in stock. Breww will create 40 kegs but only add 20 to the batch throwing out the packaging costs. Is there any way to have it flag up it up clearly if you don’t have enough?

Agreed, we’ve ran into the same issue before - you can see the number of inventory items that are going to be consumed on one of the racking steps, but it can be easily missed if the quantities aren’t correct.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve urgently implemented a solution here to warn you when racking that we were unable to pre-fill the form with all that would be required.

This will show for all 3 web-based racking processes:

  • Racking from a batch
  • Receiving from off-site packaging
  • Racking from existing containers to other containers

The mobile app already had a similar warning:

I hope this is helpful :+1:


Thanks Luke for the really quick fix. Appreciated!

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Nice one, I will check it out tomorrow!

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