Able to Amend "Stock Items Used" After Racking

When racking cans, for example, we usually list cans, lids and can labels to the stock items used. This all helps us with costing. Sometimes, we have to rack the cans before the can labels have arrived. It would be helpful if we could rack the cans, and then add the can labels to already racked cans, to make sure our costing is still correct.
This would also be helpful for fixing mistakes, if someone has forgotten to list a specific stock item etc

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Thanks for the suggestion and apologies for the slow response.

You should already be able add additional stock items to racking. If you:

  • Go to the batch in question
  • From the “Ingredients” tab, use the “Add other” button
  • Pick your racking action from the “Stage added” option

This will add the extra stock items and ensure they are associated with the racking, for cost tracking purposes.

It’s not possible currently to reduce the quantity, if too many were added originally, (other than by undoing the entire racking). Is this something that you’d like to do? If so, we can keep this feature request open for this.