Multiple product rackings in one step

Please could you add feature to allow racking of multiple products at once/in one step from a beer type?

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Thanks for the suggestion, Robin.

Just to confirm, by “multiple products”, do you mean racking cans and kegs (for example) in a single racking process?

If so, I must admit that this is far more complicated than you’d probably expect. The questions you get asked during a racking vary depending on the product chosen at the start of the process. There are also some questions that would get extremely complicated for you to fill in correctly when racking multiple products at once. For example, when we ask which stock items are used, we’d need to know which were used on the kegs and which were used on the cans (for example), and this would result in a form that was very difficult for you to fill in accurately. Without knowing this split, Breww wouldn’t be able to give you the accurate costings that it does today.

I fear that the added questions & complications for you to correctly fill in the form would quite possibly result in the process taking you longer than completing a simpler process multiple times. I’d also be concerned that complicating this feature would result in more mistakes.

I agree this would be a great idea but can understand the complications involved. Even introducing a “Rack More” button on the final “Racking created successfully page” could reduce the number of clicks needed. Currently you have to go back to batch and then select rack again.

Thanks for the great suggestion, Alexander! A button like this should certainly save you time and should be quick for us to implement. We’ve mocked this up (see the below screenshot) and should be able to get this functioning and ready for use by tomorrow :+1:

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