Zettle Product Sales Racking prior to Assignment

The volume of Zettle orders, especially at the weekends, means that container racking becomes a real chore. I go to All Products, reverse the order displayed, and painstakingly manually list all the negative beer products. Then I go into container racking, and finally to the (now automatic, thank goodness) auto-assignment in Deliveries.

It would be, I suggest, a comparatively simple enhancement, for Breww to produce a report of all negative balances by product code. Thereafter, one could select all the relevant POS Zettle products for each beer at a time, and enter the appropriate Cask Number.

Thanks for the suggestion.

We have a feature already that I think will cover this for you (but please do let me know if not). If you go to the delivery date, then the “Items required” tab, there is a “Rack required smallpack” button.

This should work much as you’ve asked for, but please do let us know if I’ve misunderstood and this isn’t what you’re looking for.

Hi Luke

Sorry about the delay in replying. That Items Required feature to which you referred is really very helpful.

A question - if you have lots of Pints, Half Pints, Growlers, et al (normal in the Tap Room), how would these be grouped? The reason I ask is that when one does the racking, one can rack all the relevant items for a particular beer in one transaction.


Hi Luke

Pints, Half Pints, Growlers, et al are not shown at all, so Items Required feature does not work for the Taproom