Using part-filled products & racking a partial keg/cask with the final volume left in a vessel

As you are finishing the racking process for a vessel, you may find that there is still some volume left that cannot fill an entire keg or cask. In this case, you may choose to transfer this remaining quantity to a part-filled keg or cask rather than waste it. This may be to sell as a part-filled keg product which can be sold to your taproom (or a customer if desired).

When racking, you are always racking into a specific “Product”. For this reason, and to ensure there is never confusion between full and part-filled products, you need to create a part-filled version of your product.

Creating a part-filled product

You can create a part-filled product by selecting the “This product is only part-filled” option when creating or editing a product.
Screenshot 2021-06-03 at 19.58.16

To create the part-filled version of an existing product, the quickest and easiest way would be to go to the main product, then click Actions, choose Duplicate product and save the duplicate product. Then you’ll be taken to the duplicate product, so choose ActionsEdit, tick the part-filled checkbox and click Save. Then you will have the part-filled version of that product.

Racking into a part-filled product

To rack into a part-filled product, just select it during the racking flow, and Breww will ask an additional question on how full the product is:

Screenshot 2021-06-03 at 20.06.09

You can then manage that product just as you would any other, with the ability to edit prices, add to invoices, deliver to customers, add aliases, rack from it, etc.

Hi, is there a way to do this when racking from kegs? For example, if we have a 50L keg with only 20L in it, and we want to part fill a 30L keg with that 20L, there appears to be no option to rack into anything but a 20L keg. Would be great to be able to ‘part fill’ a 30L keg with the 20L of beer… hope that makes sense ;o)


Hi Dave, thanks for your comment! Breww allows you to rack the full volume of the container you are racking into when racking off another container. You cannot part-fill a container when racking off of another container; therefore, in your scenario, a 30L container wouldn’t appear, as you cannot rack the full volume, as you only have 20L. If you would like to part-fill containers when racking from another container, it would be great if you could raise this as a feature request, Cheers!