How do I sell a part-filled container?

If you have racked from one container directly into another container or into small-pack products, you may decide that you want to sell the remainder of the beer left in that now part-filled container.

To do this, you must assign this part-filled container to a part-filled product. You can find out how to create a part-filled product in our Using part-filled products & racking a partial keg/cask with the final volume left in a vessel help guide.

Assigning a part-filled container to a part-filled product

Once you have finished racking off your container, this will display as part-filled. However, you cannot assign this to an order until it’s assigned to a part-filled product. Provided you have followed the instructions on setting up a part-filled product, you can select the Product assigned to button on the container page for your part-filled container. This button will allow you to Assign a part-filled container to a product. You can then select the appropriate part-filled product from the drop-down menu here. This will now allow you to add this container to an order.

Not sure how to rack from one container into another? You can find more information in our help guide: How do I rack directly from a container into another container, such as a minicask, keg or bottle?