Best way to deal with 'part fill' containers?


I occasionally have a part fill Sankey at the end of a kegging run. Brewing just 8 kegs at a time, having 40L in a 50L is obviously something we wouldn’t want to waste, so we just put this straight into the Tap-Room to sell on site, and invoice at the actually volume rather than just standard 50L keg.

Whats the best way to reproduce this in Breww? So it marries up with invoices and duty.
Will I end up with a range of single kegs that have odd volumes to them?

I can see I can just create a new container for that exact volume, but I may end up with a whole heap of oddly volume containers?

Hi Rob,

Ah yes, this is something we’ve actually been discussing on our side recently!

Breww can handle casks and kegs being part-full (or part-empty), for example when you rack from a cask into bottles and tell Breww to keep the remainder in the cask. So it would be possible to add a simple “Part-fill container” feature at racking.

One issue that arises is how to then sell that part-filled container. Currently Breww removes a part-filled container from the stock level of its product as it’s technically not that product any more (you wouldn’t want to accidentally sell a part-filled container to a customer when it was meant to be a full one). So we could add the part-fill function - but then there’s no way to remove it other than to rack it into something else or empty it.

As a solution we were thinking of creating a “Mirror product” for that Beer x Container type combo, that would mean when you part-filled a 30L Keg - Beer A, Breww would create a 30L Keg - Beer A (Part-filled) product to associate the container with. Then when adding it to your invoice, you would need to choose the part-filled product - which would help avoid accidentally assigning a part-filled container to a delivery that didn’t need it (and visa-versa). It would have some useful other benefits doing it this way too, such as being able to manage prices for them if you were to ever sell them regularly to a customer who wasn’t your tap room.

Let me know what you think, and whether you feel that would work well in your use-case!


Hi Max,

That idea would work for my situation absolutely. Would also mean I’m not creating duplicate containers as is the way I’m doing it now.
If it was possible to implement this it would definitely help! We invoice the tap-room as another customer too, so being able to select that part filled keg is ideal.




Hi Rob,

Great - sounds good, I’ll let you know when we have an update!


Hi Rob,

Part-filled products have now gone live!

Edit August 2023: The contents of this post has been moved to a dedicated help guide:

Hope that helps - and please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


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