Undo a batch already started

The situation is as follows:
Two beers on the schedule, and the wrong one was started, transferred to a fermenter, and gravity readings recorded.
Ideally we’d like to undo everything and return all the ingredients to stock so that we can “brew” the correct beer into the correct tank.

The beer that is brewed needs to remain on the schedule for a few more days, and the beer that was meant to be brewed is still in the schedule.

What do we do?

You should be able to undo the starting of the batch by following the steps in How do I undo or correct a mistake made on a batch? and then start the correct one. Undoing the “Start batch” action will return the ingredients to stock.

Make sure you note down the gravity readings (and anything else similar that’s been entered), as they will need to be added to the correct batch again once it’s been started.

Thanks - right under my nose the whole time.


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