Deleting Batches

Is there a way to delete or remove batches on Breww? We’ve done a bit of training with the rest of the staff to get people up to speed with the system, only issue is now I’m locked out of “Undo Actions”, I’ve isolated the mock batches with a Prefix of “DEMO” but we’re a little concerned as they still show up as “Complete” and this will look a little suspect to revenue when we come to using the system to report to them.


Hi Lewis,

Thanks for raising this on the community! Once a batch is completed, it can’t just be deleted. You would usually need to undo the actions and the batch. Do you mind raising a support ticket, so I can look into it for you?

Any news on how to delete batches? We’re in a similar situation of doing training and then not being able to remove the synthetic brews.

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You need to undo every batch action to get the batch all the way back to a “Planned” state, and then it can be deleted. See How do I undo or correct a mistake made on a batch? for more on undoing actions.

This will also ensure that the stock racked from the batch is removed (when the racking is undone).