How do I undo or correct a mistake made on a batch?

If you’ve made an error related to a batch, for example:

  • I’ve started my batch too early
  • I’ve started a batch using the wrong recipe
  • I’ve racked the wrong amount of product from my batch
  • I’ve transferred some beer to the wrong container
  • I’ve transferred the wrong amount of beer from my batch

The first thing to check would be to see if you can undo the incorrect action.

If you go to the batch in question, click on the Actions tab near the bottom, and you’ll see a list of actions performed against that batch. You can undo actions by clicking the undo button, on the Action line.

Some actions on batches can’t be undone, for example, if that action has actions following on from it (“child actions”).

If you need to undo multiple actions, you might need to do so in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

Restrictions when reversing a batch

Duty entries

If a batch has had any entries into your duty return, either through a sale or stock movement to a non-bonded site or location, then these actions cannot be reversed.

Other batches in vessel

There may also be restrictions as you reverse your batch actions due to vessels that the batch was previously being held in now holding a different batch of beer. In this scenario, you will need to wait for the vessel to become empty and available again. Once it is available, the reverse action will work, and the batch can be reversed into the previous vessel.

Just need to change the date/time of a batch action?

If you just need to change the date/time of an action, you don’t need to undo the whole action. You can go to the “Actions” tab on the batch and use the edit button (with the pencil icon) next to the action to change the date/time.

If you need to change the date/time on multiple actions, you will need to preserve the order in which they were done, so you may need to change the date/time of a prior action first so that the order of the actions remains the same.

Racked into an incorrect container and unable to undo the racking?

If it’s not possible to undo a racking (for a reason that’s not easily resolvable), then you might be able to sort this out by transferring the beer from its current container to another container. To do this, see:

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