Time stamp for delivery completion to aid with more accurate delivery planning

Currently we are able to see the ETA for each delivery when a run has been route optimised. There is also functionality to add time in for the delivery of items. I’m struggling to more accurately estimate how long deliveries are taking. I think this would be solved if a time stamp was applied to the delivery screen when the order has been completed. This could be located on the right hand side of the delivery page next to the delivery/order icons.

This would also save some back and forth when a customer is asking when their delivery will arrive and we can’t get through to the driver, or want to give an idea there and then - we would be able to look at the last completed order time stamp and estimate their ETA.


Thanks for the great suggestion!.

It’s clear how useful this would be and fortunately, this just is a simple tweak from our side, so we’ve done this for you already!

The time will show in the delivery “Completed” badge. If the delivery was completed on a different date than the scheduled date, it will show the date instead of the time, to make this clear.

We hope this is helpful!

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