Show total order value on delivery run

We have a target revenue figure for certain dray routes. Currently what we do is assign the orders to the run then drill into each order and manually add the numbers up to get the revenue figure. Would it be possible to show the total order value of each run within the run summary as you currently do the total weight? That’d be a nice time saver for us.

So Deliveries → Select Date → Click on run (e.g. Blue Van)

Top of list currently shows e.g. “Total weight XXX/XXX Kg”, “This delivery run has X deliveries”. Can a little box be added there with e.g. “Total order value £X”.


Thanks for the great suggestion, Andy! Fortunately, this was something really quick on our side so I’m delighted to say this should be showing for you later today :smile:

I hope this saves you lots of time.

That’s fantastic, thanks Luke!

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