Remove delivery date

Is it possible to remove a delivery date from an order?

Sometimes a pick up/delivery date is postponed or just wrongly assigned. In these cases I end up kicking the date around so as to not obstruct actual deliveries etc. and you run the risk an order will be prepped unnecessarily

I’d rather just remove the date for the time being until I have a definite date but can’t see how to do this.

It’s not possible to remove the delivery date at the moment. I can see how this would be helpful so I’ve moved this post over to the feature requests section for you.
Thanks for the suggestion!

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I would also like this option. One good example is payment before delivery. Quite often the order is confirmed and it is auto assigned a delivery date but will miss it because it hasn’t been paid for. We end up with orders on lots of days that we cant send out yet making it difficult to keep track of.

Following our recent big update to deliveries, we’ve been able to add in the option to cancel a scheduled delivery now too!

We hope this proves useful :smile:

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HI Luke,

I tried the cancel delivery option and it does remove the date and it doesn’t show up in on the deliveries page anymore. Is there a place that I can see unscheduled deliveries? It would be great it was on the incomplete deliveries page next to the other days all the days:

Thanks Adam. You should be able to see all orders without delivery scheduled by going to Sales in the main menu, and then filtering with the following BrewwQL:

deliverycollection = None

I like the idea of showing something on the deliveries page too, so we’ll give that some thought :+1:

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