Start Batch & Inventory Item Grouping

When you click start batch it seems a batch is started even if you don’t have the full amount of the ingredients listed as in stock. As such Breww creates the batch regardless but scales the recipe to the ingredients you have.

This isn’t ideal espcially if for instance you have ordered in Maris grain but the recipe says Golden Promise, or you have wheat in stock but it’s flaked instead of naked. Yes changing the recipe each time is a solution but a failsafe would be more useful I feel.

Feature requests

  1. That when someone clicks start batch and there isn’t enough of the stock in the recipe then a further prompt is presented asking if they’d like to continue with a scaled version or cancel the start request. This would act as a good reminder that we need to go in and change the recipe to the grains we do have.

  2. A further improvement could be that inventory items can be grouped with one another as alternatives that Breww could suggest using as a replacement for items with insufficient stock. As an example we could group Citra T90 and Citra BBC and if there’s not enough of one Breww suggests replacing with the other.

I’d suggest that the option is there that people can group the items themselves or as a future possibility Breww might learn to make suggestions on what items it thinks could be paired.


Hi Joe,

Thanks for getting in touch. These seem like great suggestions. I’ll discuss these ideas with the team and get back to you when we’ve made any progress.


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Hi Joe,

I’m just looking into building your feature request number 1, and I thought I’d point out that Breww doesn’t ever ‘scale’ the batch’s volume based on available stock. If you do not have enough of one ingredient when starting a batch, say 90% of the required Maris grain, Breww will simply use all of that available Maris grain, but the total batch volume and other ingredient quantities will remain at 100% (if there’s enough). The new feature will have an extra check to make sure the user is aware, and make it easier to manage.