Pre batch allocation of stock


Would be great to be able to allocate stock to a batch before its started. Often the ingredients are picked weeks before the actual brew so the batch numbers need to be changed but this can only be done post start of batch. I think it would be useful.



Thanks for the suggestion, James. I think if we were to actually assign stock to a batch before it was technically used, this would have other knock-on effects. For example, you’d still have them in stock, but your stock valuation would show that you didn’t and as the beer batch wouldn’t yet have a work-in-progress value, from an accounting point of view, you’d look like you’d lost money when you hadn’t.

We could potentially look at a stock item “reservation” system to reserve specific stock for a specific beer batch, which I think would cover what you’re looking for here?

Thanks, James for this suggestion!

The ability to pre-allocate ingredients to planned batches has now been launched :tada:

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