Sliding Scale Pricebooks

Would be great to get some tiered pricing books. eg if you order 6+ kegs the price automatically applies a 5% Discount. Would be great as would alleviate errors and save time searching through pricing and altering for each customer when they vary on order size each week!


Hey Oliver,
You can create a discount price book where you can apply different discounts depending on the number of products added to an order. When you create a new price book, there’s an option to select a ‘Discount price book’. Please see this article for more info: Creating Price Books
Let me know if you need any further help setting this up!


Hi Matt, need to be re looked at and price books designed for volume of beer rather than units. If you have pricing based on number of firkins it doesnt apply to kils and over discounts pins. If discounts were based on volume would be easier to set up a standard customer discount. Our old system based all products and prices on pinsso when you set discounts up everything was a multiplier of the pin and auto calculated for firkins and kils.

We currently have to manually discount the pins and kils on each order due to having to exclude them from our discount price book. This is actually a big issue for us and increased the chances of making errors on invoices which will potentially irritate customers

Ah, I see. We are currently working on a price books update with much more power than the current price books feature. You’ll be able to automate this type of discount when we release the update. I’ll let you know when it’s released.

Hi everyone,
We’ve just released a large update to price books! Please see the announcement here:

We hope this covers what you need!

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