Creating price books

Price books can be used to hold different product prices for various customers. Price books can be found in the Products section of Breww and can be very useful when updating pricing in bulk for customers or applying complicated discounts to products. Price books can be assigned to invoices, customers or customer groups. Breww will pre-populate the invoice’s pricing with the customer’s price book and if they do not have one then the Default price book in SettingsOrder/Invoice settings will be used.

Price book types

There are 3 different types of price books in Breww:

1. Standard Price

A new “normal” price book will allow you to set completely new prices for every product. The “Standard price” price book is a great way to set pricing for different types of customers such as direct-to-trade customers or distributors. For example, you could set up a “Distributor” Price book and for every distributor you set up on Breww, assign them to that price book and they will all benefit from your special “Distributor” Price Book pricing.

2. Discount Price Book

A discount price book is created from a standard price book on top of which discount rates are applied. These can be either a flat rate or a differential rate. Discounts appear on the order as discounts from the base price book price.

Flat rate or differential rate

A flat discount model means that all products receive the same discount - the discount applicable to the total number ordered. A differential discount model means that the orders within each threshold receive the discount for that threshold. For example, a discount model provides a discount between 2-3 products at 10% and 4-5 at 15%. An order for 5 products would mean that 3 receive a 10% discount and 2 receive the 15% discount. Whereas a flat model would provide a 15% discount on all products.

Flat Rate

Differential Rate

3. Price per ABV price book

For customers who pay per volume of alcohol. A price per ABV price book allows you to simply input the price per percentage, and we’ll calculate the rest.

For example, on the image below, you can see that a price per ABV price book has been created for a 4% beer in a 30L keg with a price per ABV per Litre of £0.60. Breww has then calculated the 4% ABV x 30L x 0.6 Price Per ABV per litre [4 x 30 x 0.6] = £72.00.

Which price book will be used on a customer’s order?

Breww will use the “most specific” option that it can for the price book. For example:

  1. If there is a price book set on the Customer, this will be used.
  2. If not, Breww will check the Customer Group for a price book to use.
  3. If one is still not found, Breww will check the Customer Type for a price book to use.
  4. Finally, Breww will use the default price book on your account.

Is there a way to do volume based deals on a price book where you get an item ‘Free’ eg buy 9 Firkins & get 1 free? Rather than a % saving?

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This isn’t really possible right now, but we have a big project on improving price books that’s in progress at the moment.

Are you looking to apply this on a single order, or as more of a loyalty discount that accumulates a free firkin over time? For example, a customer buys 3 today, 2 next week, and 4 the following week, and should they get their next one free?


I think ideally it would be good to be able to offer both options, but I think the single order one would be more of a priority.

The ‘loyalty discounts’ aspect is also something to explore but at least from our perspective it is not as common.

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This is a good idea, we used bulk 7+1 deals with loyal customers and think Breww should be able to have a system to keep track of customers deal progress and to alert Sales People when the customer is due a free cask/keg

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