Cost Price Price Book - calculate selling price based on recipe expected cost

It would be great to have a Cost Price price book, or a Calculated Margin price book (which one could set to 0%).

Use cases:

  1. Intra-Company stock ‘sales’. By setting up our tap rooms to buy stock at cost price through Breww, we can manually manage the cost value of goods sold through that sales channel to get some profit reporting.

  2. Fixed Margin price. Setup a price that makes a certain GP every time it’s sold, even if one beer or batch cost a little less/more to produce.


Thanks Simon, this is a great suggestion.

We could certainly look to build a type of price book where Breww uses either your recipe or the most recent batch of the given beer to determine the cost price. The prices could be automatically recalculated once per week, to keep some stability but also ensure they are kept up to date as the recipe or cost of ingredients changes over time.

This could be kept to simply a “cost price” price book as the margin could be added into the price book actually applied to customers/orders by making a derived price book which added a set percentage to all prices in the parent price book (the “cost price” price book).

It would be far more complicated to build a price book that determined the price from scratch every time based on the specific batch sold, to be honest. For example, the product would be added to the order/invoice (and a price shown) before the actual stock is assigned. It would be possible to then have Breww adjust the price of the item upon stock assignment, but building the first option would be far simpler and so probably the right first step for a feature like this and certainly a big win.

Thanks for putting this forward. If anyone else would like to see a “cost price” price book, please could you give this a vote using the button above.

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Thanks Luke. Those suggestions would be great for us.

I agree this is over-complicated and also won’t necessarily be any more accurate. Thinking it through, I think my preference would be to have both of your suggestions: A re-calculation whenever a new batch is packaged, in addition to a weekly re-calculation. With each calculation being based on the average cost price of the batches currently in stock.

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Reviving this post. We just came onboard and are curious to see if this was ever actioned. Our brewery “sells” kegs at COG pricing to our bars and we would like to have a price book that automatically updates as the COGs are updated in Breww. Is this possible (or already a function)?

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Thanks, Nick, and welcome to Breww!

This hasn’t been implemented yet (at the time of writing, it has only picked up two votes). I’d suggest that you give this a vote too, as the votes are an important component in how we prioritise feature requests. For more on how we manage feature requests, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙