Shopify Integration - How to disable?


I have added the Shopify integration after we moved from Squarespace and I have two issues I would like to resolve.
1 - How do I disable the Squarespace integration? Bearing in mind it has never been used, so there is no data or info we need from this.
2 - I added the Shopify integration during a web shop opening period, so it has pulled all my orders through. I haven’t finalised my stock etc. and its thrown all the product volumes out completely. How do I delete all the orders that have been synchronised into Breww to start this again? I have tried to “ignore all orders before 04/02/22” which hasn’t stopped the orders coming through. Is the way to reset the integration and start again?

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Hi Dan,

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I would be happy to help with this. Would it be possible to create a support ticket for me please so that I can gain access to your account and investigate this further? You can create a support ticket using the link below.



Thanks Joe, I have raised the ticket now.