Accidentally returned kegs


We’re new to Breww and I’ve just been adding our recent sales to Breww. However I got the order numbers wrong. Tried to edit but it said I couldn’t unless I returned the stock which had been delivered.

So I returned the stock but I still can’t edit the order and now the kegs are back in stock - is there any way to undo this, or do I just need to create a new order and re-allocate the kegs?


Thanks for getting in touch Stuart and welcome to the community!

Would it be possible to create a support ticket for this please so that we can gain access to your account to investigate what’s happened? The team will be able to resolve this for you once we’ve looked into this further.

Thanks for the quick response Joe. I’ve created a ticket (#BTK-09714).


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We’ve run into this probem repeatedly too. Breww won’t let you fully undo an order. We’ve had orders that were accidentally created twice, and we’ve gone through the process of returning the stock first but then still can’t revert the order to draft and cancel it. The only way to undo the sale is to issue a credit note.

That works, but is pretty cumbersome as a way to fix a mistake (and then there are two uneccesary documents left in Breww - the original sale and the credit note).

Would be great to just be able to void mistakes and return the stock (and the voided orders could stay in an archive/history section in Breww rather than the main orders list, as happens in Xero for example).

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