Shopify Integration not showing available stock


I’m having a bit of a issue trying to keep stock on our Shopify store.

We have technically sold out of cans/cases of our ‘Kokomo Weekday’, as you can see from my image (below) we have 27 cases ‘on order’ for future deliveries, but ‘0’ cases in our ‘Brewery’ site available for sale.
As we have physically held back a couple of cases for our Webshop (Shopify, integrated with Breww) I set up a separate site called ‘Stock reservation for Shopify’ and have allowed Shopify to take stock from all sites.

Shopify is still saying ‘sold out’ of this particular product, I’m assuming because there are open orders on for that product to trade customers, taking the product into minus stock figures in the ‘All Sites’ section.

Is there a way allow the sale of those 2 cases via Shopify?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Lorin,

Thank you for posting on the community! To allow the sale of the 2 cases in your reserved location for Shopify, you have a couple of options:

Option 1: Set a specific fulfilment site in Shopify: If you want Shopify to show the theoretical max of 2 in the “stock reservation for Shopify site” rather than the ‘-25’ theoretical max across all sites, you can set a specific fulfilment site in the Shopify integration configuration in Breww. This way, Shopify will consider the theoretical max stock of 2 from the reserved location. However, this also means all Shopify orders will use only the theoretical max from this site, so you would need to keep this site stocked for Shopify orders.

Option 2: Turn off stock syncing and manually update the quantity in Shopify: Alternatively, you can temporarily turn off stock syncing between Breww and Shopify. Then, manually increase the quantity of the product to 2 directly in Shopify. This will allow customers to place orders for the two cases, but you will want to remember to turn on stock syncing again once you have stock available.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please let us know.