Setting up your brewing system and vessels

Breww allows you to track your brewing process flow, from starting the batch in the brewhouse all the way to packaging. Before you can produce any batches in the production suite, you will need to create your brewing systems and vessels.

Creating a brewing system

To create a brewing system in Breww, head to the production tab and select ViewAll equipmentAdd equipmentAdd brewing system. You can then simply give your brewing system a name, system group and site. The system group indicates whether it is a primary brewing system or a pilot brewing system.

You will then be able to add the individual vessels within your brewing system by using the Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 12.38.52 button, to represent the individual vessels that make up your brewing system. These will later be reflected on your brewsheet when brewing, enabling you to visually track your process flow.

Your brewing system will now be displayed on your production dashboard.

You can then replicate this process for any additional brewing systems that you use.

Creating vessels

Now that you have created your brewing system, you can now create your brewing vessels. Brewing vessels in Breww are split into three vessel groups, however, you can customise these. You can then create different vessels from vessel types within these vessel groups.

Pre-set vessel groups

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Pilot

Vessel types

  • Fermenter
  • Brite tank
  • Holding tank
  • Arlington
  • Barrel
  • Yeast brink

To find out how to create your own custom vessel groups and use these in your batch schedule, please see out Vessel groups in Breww help guide.

How to create a vessel

If you are looking at creating multiple vessels, this can be done via the Vessels bulk Importer. This can be found by going to SettingsData imports and updatesVessels. You can then follow the Data import guide to import your vessels.

You can create a single vessel by selecting ViewVesselsNew vessel. You will then be able to add your vessel details and choose whether to Show on production dashboard. It is worth noting that when entering the vessel capacity, this should be the full volume of the vessel, including the headspace.

If you have chosen for the vessel to show on the dashboard, then you will now see the vessel displayed within your chosen vessel group.

This same vessel creation can then be followed for your other vessels.

Vessel icons

You can also create vessel status icons for your vessels, allowing you to create a visual prompt as to the status of a vessel on the production dashboard. Our How to create and set your own vessel status icons help article guides you through how these can be set up.

Planning vessel usage

You can plan batches in the Batch schedule, both manually, as well as creating an automatic schedule that can be assigned to a recipe. Our How to plan which vessels will be used on a beer batch guide outlines how to schedule batches in Breww and plan your vessel usage.

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