Report Security Access

I created a report, and set the check boxes to

Save this report for quick access in the future?” & “Allow anyone else with report access in my brewery to view this report?

My co workers are not able to see the saved aggregate reports.

Any idea on what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

CC @sarah-dobsen

Thanks for the post, and I’m sorry for the issue here. Please can you confirm that the other users have either the ‘Reporting’ or ‘Brewery admin’ permissions? You can see this by going to Settings > Users and security settings, then clicking on a user. If so and they still can’t see the report, would you mind creating a support ticket and letting me know the report and the users that should be able to see it but can’t, then I can look further into this for you?

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Thanks @matt-cousins - confirming that Sarah has Reporting & Admin permissions.

Creating a ticket now