How to build Brewing reports?

Hello, I am wondering how to find reports for efficiency, attenuation, ABV, pH, Gravity, etc. I need to be able to see what is going on from batch to batch and reporting is a much easier way to compare past batches. Thanks

Hi Landon, thanks for your message, and apologies for my delayed response here! Following your post, we have been working behind the scenes to add more reporting to batches. If you head to the Analysis tab on a batch and selectScreenshot 2023-10-17 at 17.00.57you will be able to report back on key data, including any batch gravity readings and reporting tags that have been used on a recipe, for example, your mash temperatures. Currently, Breww does not calculate your brewhouse efficiency, so it would be great if you could raise this as a feature request.

Thank you for this Ben. I somehow missed the tab that said reporting tags. I have found all of that. There is no ability to compare attenuation which is a bummer. The other weird thing is that when I compare with recent batches there must be a maximum number of past batches that it compares it to. Is there a setting to broaden that to all of the past batches of one beer?

Hi Landon, currently attenuation is not included when reporting across batches, but I agree that this would be a great addition to the reporting of batches. If you could raise this as a feature request, that would be fantastic! Currently, Breww will only compare your most recent batches up to the last ten of a beer rather than all your batches in this report. If you would like this expanded to look at all batches, then it would be great if you could also raise this as a feature request.

Is there a place to expand the amount of batches to compare? I ran the report and all of the batches of that Beer weren’t included in the graph. I would run it from say batch 4 and it would give me 3 and 5. I would run it from batch 3 and it would give me 2 and 4. Is there any reason it isn’t including all 10 of the most current batches that have been made within BREWW?

Hi Landon, thanks for your reply! The report will only compare the selected batch to completed batches and will not show any in-progress batches, which could be why your most recent batches are not included in the report. These batches should also be shown in the report upon completion.