Viewing other people's tasks

Which permission is it I need to allow so that one of my sale’s people can see the other sales persons tasks please? One is on holiday this week and I need the other person to pick up her tasks. Currently his is the only name in the dropdown list with the permissions I’ve given and I can’t see anything obvious in the options.

Hi Sarah,

Great question! Only a Breww admin can give another user access to another user’s tasks, although any user may allow another user to view their own tasks. Your brewery admin will need to go to Tasks → Viewing Permissions → Manage Permissions and Add view permission for the user you want to give access to.

Thanks. I am the brewery admin but when I go here I don’t have all my users on the list. Neither of my sales people are showing?!
Any idea why?

So long as they are active accounts, as an admin, you should be able to see them. Could you please raise a support ticket granting us access to your account so I can look into this for you?

OK Connor, I have done!

Thanks for raising that ticket, Sarah, and granting us access to the account. In this example, the users are admin users, so they will not appear on the list to give additional access to in Viewing Permissions, as they can already view any other user’s tasks.

If you do need any more support at all, though, please let us know!