Product Hierarchy Feature in Breww


We are diversifying our SKUs quite a bit now, and to make things simpler we have SKU hierarchies for products to enable stock movements from full pallet qty down to individual can

if the beers are under the same recipe, is it possible to enable building SKUs from pre-existing ones, for example, we have a SKU thats one single pallet, of 180 12x440ml IPA cases, breww can only disassemble that pallet sku into 2160 individual cans

can we implement the ability to create a base 1x440ml Can product, then build the 12x440ml Can Case out of that product, rather than increasing the raw material components by 12, or having to make a stock item variant of every individual can sku we have?

example below

180 Case Pallet SKU>180 x 12440ml Case SKU> 12 x 440ml Can SKU> 1 x 440ml Can SKU> Raw Can, Lid and Label

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Thanks for the suggestion, Liam.

I’m sorry, but I don’t quite follow what you mean here. Could you explain further? It may be helpful to have a screenshot, or if it’s easier, you could open a support ticket to give us account access so we can review your setup and ensure we fully understand what you’re looking for.

You can already create a 1x440ml Can product to use in assemblies/disassemblies. And you can control when the stock items (e.g. boxes) are used/returned to stock during the initial racking, assembly and disassembly processes.

Cheers :+1: