Part-undo a packaging (remove some casks/kegs from a racking action without removing them all), even after completing the batch

Hi – Our internal audit revealed that we erroneously entered the wrong number of kegs we packaged from a batch a few weeks ago. Kegs have already been invoiced from this supply and thus “unwinding” the packaging isn’t possible. What is the best way to update the packaging numbers so that they are reflective of the true numbers? Doing a stock take is not preferred as this will likely throw off reports that we need to provide to both the Fed and State tax reporting agencies on how much beer we produced.

Hi Chris! Currently, undoing the packaging action is the only way to reduce stock in a way that also reduces your total volume produced. If undoing the action isn’t possible anymore, then a stock adjustment to remove the excess kegs that were racked in Breww is the only option at the moment.

It sounds like a new feature that allowed you to “part” undo a packaging action and select which kegs were mistakenly racked might be the ideal solution here? If so, I think that would make a great feature request. However, in the meantime, if you can raise a support ticket granting us access to your account, we can certainly investigate if we can manually fix that packaging for you. I can’t make any guarantees, but we can see what we can do!

I was afraid that was going to be the answer. I don’t need to take away rackings but I need to add additional rackings… someone mistook a 6 for a 0 when entering the number of kegs that were racked so I need to increase the number. I’ll raise a support ticket and see if it is something that can be fixed on the support side. Thank you.

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Can we make this a feature request? This happened again where we erroneously entered the wrong number for rackings and have already invoiced the product. There needs to be a better/easier way to make adjustments to racking numbers that don’t create other downstream effects.

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Thanks. Yes, I’ve moved this to a feature request for you :+1: