Incorrectly entered number of packaged kegs from a batch

Hey, i went and stupidly incorrectly entered the number of kegs i packaged as 16 when it should have been 18.

Is there a way of updating the stock levels of a packaged product??

Hi Martin,

Thanks for reaching out on the community forum! If you need to correct a racking mistake and haven’t sold any of the racked stock yet, you can undo the batch actions in reverse chronological order. This will allow you to undo the incorrect racking and redo it with the correct quantity. Simply navigate back to the batch, go to the actions tab, and undo the actions from the bottom up using the undo icon on each action.

In case you encounter an error message indicating that undoing the racking is not possible, don’t worry. You can still add the correct stock by using a stock adjustment. Open the product in Breww, go to Actions → Stock Adjustment, and perform a positive stock adjustment. Increase the stock quantity, assign it to the relevant batch, and choose whether to log it as a non-returnable racking or assign it to tracked containers.

I hope this helps, but let us know if you need any more support at all.