Non-Returnable container stock

Is there a way of linking the stock of ECasks that we have, to the number of non-returnable containers we have? We currently have stock of EKegs and ECasks, but I can’t find how to get them to show in our list of Empty containers:

Hi Bob!

Thanks for posting! Great question! We do cover how to track stock for non-returnables in our community article on Creating Container Types and Containers / Non-returnable Containers.

Essentially you can create an inventory item which is assigned to the container and gives it a stock level. This will not update the empty column on that dashboard, which has actually been removed now, as this was a legacy feature in Breww from before the inventory system was fully implemented. I would check out the article, and if you have any questions, please post them on that article’s conversation, and we will get back to you.

Hi Conor
Thanks for getting back to me.
Maybe I could put this forward as a suggested improvement then? The column for empty containers was a really clear way of seeing stock at a glance and seemed to be in the right place. If we could assign a stock item to the container type it could pull the inventory numbers straight through. I would assume that everyone would be wanting to track keg/cask/can stock. This would also then bypass the need to assign, for example, a 30L EKeg stock item to the 30L EKeg container type as they would already be linked?

Absolutely you can definitely open this as a new feature request. We removed the empty containers column since it has not been connected to anything for some time since a previous change and would therefore only ever display 0 stock, but re-adding this to connect with your stock item stock levels sounds like a great idea, so please, by all means, put it forward.