Addition of 1 way disposable kegs (keykegs etc) to container types

Would it be possible to have a new container type added to better accommodate Keykegs and other disposable kegs? While these are similar to Ekegs or Kegstars, we generally find they are treated somewhere between a keg and a small pack, as in we don’t need to track the keykeg as it is labelled like a large can, and it doesn’t need to be returned anywhere at any point in time, nor are we renting it or otherwise liable for its location.

Right now we list them as smallpack, but for price book reasons, it would be useful to be able to apply discounts to the keykegs as we do with regular kegs, without applying them to all smallpacks. And without having to apply it on a product by product level in the price book.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for the question.
What is your reason for wanting to use keykegs etc as small pack items? This may help us find a better solution. We’ve recently released the ability to auto-assign non-returnable kegs etc to deliveries. If the auto-assign feature is your reason for choosing small pack type for you keykegs, you may be able to change them to use the keg type to solve your price book issue.


Hi Matt,

Originally it may have been an issue of understanding exactly how containers in Breww functioned. Working back through the process now I can see that we don’t need to add a quantity of non-returnable containers into ‘stock’ prior to racking into them. What I was concerned about was having to double add the keykegs - first to inventory, and then into the containers inventory - which seemed like it would be at risk of either duplication or other transcription errors.

With Breww adding NR containers to ‘stock’ when racking, I guess we don’t actually need to adjust anything and can add a keykeg container type.


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Hi Ben, If it helps, as an example we do the following:

Set up a 20L Keykeg in Containers & also an Inventory Item for 20L Keykeg
Assign the 20L Keykeg as a Stock Item to the Container directly (so when you rack into it, a container will be consumed from inventory)

We then manage our non-returnable container stock through inventory/purchase orders as it allows us to monitor costs also. This also helps with being able to create products quickly. We don’t adjust anything on the containers side for the error reasons you list above. Another lesser reason we have found this useful is that some customers will only accept certain container/spear types, so you can break the containers down this way also (e.g 30L Polykeg S, 30L Polykeg K.etc).

It would be helpful if we could designate containers as Returnable/Non-Returnable (maybe a tick box), as the Non-returnables all show up in our Returnable list as 0 Total 0 Available (and vice-versa), and hide the irrelevant container type from the list, as it is getting long with keykeg, polykeg, 12s, 20s, 30s.etc.

Further if in the Non-Returnable list/on a non-returnable container type, the empty figure you could link to the stock item instead of manually adding that would save the double admin.

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Following the launch of Allow specifying a "Non-returnable container brand" when racking NRs and filter on this in the Kegstar/Microstar integration are we ok to close this request? Or is something else still needed? Thank you :+1:

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Hey Luke, everything is good, so we can close it


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