Show available empty non-returnable (NR) containers based upon the availability of their required stock items

It would be really helpful to show the stock of empty ECask/EKeg on the containers page. The table below would be a really clear place to see our available containers at a glance. I’m not sure why they don’t link at the moment, but would it be possible to link NR containers to their container types? This would also then bypass the need to assign, for example, a 30L EKeg stock item to the 30L EKeg container type as they would already be linked?

Hi Bob, I just wanted to add our thoughts to your proposal as this was something I raised previously, and I think it got lost amongst some other discussion. We don’t use the Container dashboard much itself as in our situation, we have multiple container types, and it has become very crowded, but we agree that being able to use this at a glance would be helpful.

In my mind, you would still link the stock items to the Container Types - and this is where breww would read the available level from, but as an added level if it could also cover your attached sundry items (shives, keystones, can lids.etc) - you would then see easily how many available containers you had to fill, giving the added bonus of an extra flag if say you’d run out of shives, Available would say 0 (as you can’t fill a firkin without a shive as an example).

Thanks Bob and Steve.

We agree that it would be a great addition to be able to see how many empty NR containers you have. This would still be done by linking them to their stock item, as the quantity of this stock item(s) would dictate how many empty NRs you have available. There are many benefits of linking the stock items with the container types, so there are no plans to change this, but an easy-to-view quantity of in-stock NR containers would be a good improvement.

If anyone else would like to see this, please give this thread a vote :+1: