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We have Breww Multi site functionality turned on which is great but 99% of the time we distribute all our beer from one of the sites. In order to do this we have to make a list of the casks and manually transfer them which is time consuming and prone to mistakes.

Change Container Location
The above would be easily fixed is an additional Action could be added to the Actions & Tools dropdown in Containers. This could be called “Change Container Location”. This would pop a scanning screen and allow you to scan what ever containers where in one location and allocate them to another without emptying them.

Please can any other breweries that use Multi Site comment on this post as it would be massively helpful for us to have this change made urgently!

Container History
Also when doing the above it would be really useful to show and location changes in the container history log.

Rack & Packaging Grouping
Lastly when you go into Production, Actions, Rack (Package) it lists all the vessels for both sites. It would be really helpful if this page could still show all of the vessels but also give a sub heading that shows the site and ideally have them grouped by site.


Nick Smith

Thanks for the suggestions, Nick.

Good news - this can already be done. The top option under the Actions & tools menu is Return or move containers. You can either pick them from a list, or if you have a USB/Bluetooth barcode scanner, you can enter the scanned containers into the second tab on this page.

Additionally, the mobile app has a Containers tab (after Package and Deliveries), which allows you to quickly move containers by using the app’s built-in barcode scanner. Here you can choose which site and location you are moving containers to, then scan as many containers as you’d like.

If a scanned container is currently with a customer (according to Breww), it will be returned to the location selected as empty and ready to be refilled. If the container is currently filled and at a different location/site within Breww, it will be moved to the new location and remain filled and ready for sale. You may wish to try it with one container first to make sure that it’s working as expected.

Thanks, this is a great suggestion :+1: Threads with multiple separate requests grouped in one don’t work very well (as it’s not clear what people are voting for, and it’s harder to write a good title that will capture people’s attention and as such, they tend not to pick up many votes), so I’ve split this request into Record a log of container location history when moving casks/kegs between sites/locations for you. For more on this, please see How do I post a new feature request?

Again this is a great request. I’ve split this into List vessels grouped by site in the racking/packaging process to make voting easier.

If you need anything more on the container move tool, please let us know here, but hopefully, the existing tools do what you need. Cheers.

Hi Luke that’s fantastic we will do some testing at our end as we were worried it would empty the container. Also Frances will put a post here as the help links did not take her to this solution which she will explain. Thanks N

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Hi Luke

When I searched for multi site moves, I was directed to

by your search facility, which gives the option of either the Locations tab or the Stock Takes facility.

As a back office user of Breww, the Locations tab functionality made complete sense but I could see how it would potentially (and did, the first time we used it) be open to human error / number dyslexia! It would have been really helpful if the front end user solution had also been advised, which is the right fix for the drivers as it is already a process they use to scan casks in and out.

That said, it is good that there are several ways to skin the proverbial cat!

Thanks, Frances, you make a very good point! We’ll get that article updated to add the extra options :+1:

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