New Product Doesn't Pull Through to Xero

Looking for help on an issue we’re picking up - when creating new products recently in Breww we have noticed that they do not pull through to Xero (where we take our duty reports from)

Is there anything that we may be doing wrong at the product creation stage for this to be an issue?
Is it possible to get a detailed Duty Report from Breww - one that breaks down by exact product without sales/invoices inlcuded - as an excel/CRM download?

Thanks for the question.

Breww doesn’t push new products created in Breww to Xero. If you create the product on both platforms, then you can optionally add the Xero item code to the Breww product and Breww will give this information to Xero when uploading invoices.

Breww fully handles duty calculations for you, so you shouldn’t need to try to manually put this together from data in Xero.

All of Breww’s beer duty reports can be found in the Beer duty section of the main menu. You can view the details to submit to HMRC for any given month and there’s a Beer duty breakdown button in the top-right of any given duty return with a full breakdown of all the orders involved. For more information on Beer duty, please see 📘 Introduction to beer duty.

If you’ve been reporting duty upon invoicing sales up to now (I’m guessing this might be the case if you’re calculating it from within Xero), then as Breww calculates it based on when a delivery/collection is marked as left duty suspense, you may need to check if you have any deliveries that left duty suspense in a different month to their invoice date and ensure these are not missed or double-counted. This should only be needed once - in the month that you transition over from calculating duty manually to using Breww’s duty reports.

If you’ve any further questions on this, please let us know. Thank you.