Reporting beer duty paid on products sold to a particular customer

We are regularly asked to demonstrate that duty has been paid on products sold to our supermarket and/or contract customers (for their HMRC due diligence). I cannot find an easy way to do this.

I go in to the Beer Duty Breakdown and find the relevant invoice/product however if there are more than a few lines for that product and you expand the field, the duty payable field disappears. Is there a report, or somewhere at a customer level where duty paid on products purchased by that customer can be found. Or could a custom report be built to show this information?

Hi Hazel - we’ve just launched the ability to view your Beer duty breakdown in a simple table that you can filter using BrewwQL and export to Excel or CSV, which I think should solve this for you!

If you go to the relevant return’s breakdown page, then click View all entries, you should be able to filter that list of entries by invoice number or customer using BrewwQL. You can then export it to share it with any supermarket or contact customers if needed.

Does this give you what you’re looking for?