Export your monthly Beer Duty breakdown into CSV/Excel

The Beer Duty function is great, but as we’d like to do some manual reconciliations to check alongside, it would be great to have the feature to export as CSV, like seen elsewhere in reporting functions on Breww. Into it? Vote for it. Ta.

I would also really like to see this feature!

Ben, thanks for commenting. Can you use the “Vote” button in the top left as this will push this idea up the list. Cheers :+1:

Having this capability would be helpful for us too.

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Likewise this function is something we would really like too.

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Adding to this too.
Can we have the function to export and save the duty returns?

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Just looking at our first duty return on Breww and there are obviously some overlaps with returns from the old system plus sense checking everything for the new regime. There is far too much data for me to look at this online, I need to be able to download it. Is there any quick workaround?

Have you tried copying each table from Breww’s web interface into Excel (or whatever you use for spreadsheets)?

Typically, spreadsheet applications are quite good at parsing table data copied from web browsers. You’ll be able to make it “easier” for Excel to understand the columns by copying just one table at a time (rather than multiple tables in one go).

I was thinking of that but hoping I wouldn’t have to, we have a lot of data!

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Great news, this is now possible :tada:

You can now click the View all entries button in the top right of the Beer duty breakdown page to view all entries in a simple table. From here, you can filter the entries using BrewwQL (e.g. if you want to see only entries for a certain customer), and export the list into an Excel or CSV file.

Thanks everyone for your votes, and we hope this helps!

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