Bonded and Non-bonded Locations

We have set up a bonded location as our main store and a non-bonded location for the shop and taproom. We have been transferring stock as required from Brewery - Main to Shop & Tap. My understanding was that when we transferred beer from the bonded store to the non-bonded store it calculated the beer duty on that transfer. Looking at the breakdown of the beer duty it appears that this is not the case. It looks as though only when an invoice is raised for beer sold is the beer duty calculated.

Thanks for getting in touch. What you describe should be happening, you should be seeing something like in the screenshot below:

If everything has been set up correctly, a situation where you wouldn’t see anything show on your return would be if the products were already duty paid, for example via a previous transfer or if the product has been sold and returned.
If you’re still not sure why the transfer isn’t showing on your return, please could you create a support ticket and let us know an example container code, we can then look into this for you.