"Constructive removal" (from duty suspense)

How would I go about moving a quantity of beer (some small pack, as it happens) from duty suspended to duty paid (obv, creating the duty liability in doing so).

I’ve done this (I hope) by selling the beer to ourselves, and then bringing it back in as (duty paid) “guest” beer. But there must be a better way. Am I missing something obvious?

It’s not pressing, more curiosity, really.

If you move a product from a bonded to a non-bonded location, Breww will automatically create the entry on your beer duty return. You can manage your locations from Settings > Sites and locations.

You can move products one of two ways:

  • Per product from the ‘Locations’ tab on the products’ page.
  • You can move multiple products at once by editing the location via a stock take.

Your method to add the duty entry would work fine, but one of the above two methods should be less work.

If required, you could then move the duty-paid products back to your bonded location, and they will remain duty paid. If you were to then mark one of your duty-paid products as lost/spoiled, this would be accounted for on your duty return.

I get you. Thanks very much.

(I was also turning a bunch of short-date bottles of various beers, into one product - “cooking beer” - to go out to the boss’s pubs which is why the long way round made sense, to me).