Does anyone use Breww to manage spirits/non alc aswell?

Looking to see if anyone has any decent work arounds or methods to manage production, stock and sales of spirit based products up to alc 11% vol, or nolo’s <0.5 or 0.5%-1.2% in Breww?
Alternatively do the development team have any kind of timeframe for features to allow this functionality?

Hey Claire,

Thanks for the question. Breww has full support for beers of all strength, including low and no alcohol (and high strength) beers. You should find this all works out of the box properly on the duty front.

Breww doesn’t yet natively support spirits, but this is something high on our list for implementation as the number of requests for this is building all the time. To use Breww today for spirits (I appreciate you’re still evaluating Breww right now), your best bet would be to put the spirits down as 0% ABV so Breww keeps them out of duty calculations completely. You should be able to use our other reports to get together everything you need to calculate the spirit duty yourself.

We have a major production update coming soon (expected in August) which will allow you to specify that a drink is a beer or a spirit (or something else) and so you don’t need to pretend it is 0% to keep it out of beer duty calculations. Shortly after this, we expect to launch full support for spirit duty or drinks that have been classified as spirits.

I hope this helps, but please let us know if there are any questions on this :grinning:


Does low/no alcohol beer contribute to the automatic “Annual production volume” calculation? or is it excluded?

I suspect from HMRC perspective it should be excluded. Otherwise overall duty rates may increase based on brewing a none-dutiable product.

But that then may affect your billing which is based on annual production volumes!

Hi Ben,
Low/no alcohol beer isn’t included in the annual production volume in terms of beer duty, but it is included for the volume on which we bill for!

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