Managing the Daily Courier Deliveries Page

We do not use our own vehicles, so use a local courier for local deliveries (cue Royston Vasey voice) and pallet and parcel couriers for national deliveries.

On the daily courier delivereis page, all courier collections are listed chronologically, meaning it can be tricky to get a quick visual picture of what orders are going out with what couriers that day.

It would be useful to be able to filter by column, to give you the option of looking at deliveries by order number (as they are now), but also by grouping courier type or order status together (letting you see what orders are still in draft quickly, good reminder if payment needs to be chased, or stock added, etc)

Similarly, only one courier logo needs to be shown next to each delivery- having the other options visible, albeit faded out, seems pointless.


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Thanks for the great suggestions, Clare, I can see how filtering this list of orders would be a big improvement.

Showing the other logos was intended for allowing you to quickly re-assign an order to another courier, but maybe it’s rare to pick the wrong courier so we could show them all initially and once a courier has been assigned, you’re just shown the chosen courier. If the wrong courier was selected, you can always change this from the main order screen. What are your thoughts on this?

Hmm, it wouldn’t be an issue we would have come across, I can’t speak for other breweries! Your solution sounds spot on

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