Separate dispatch (courier collection) and delivery days

Useful if you need to split the two dates

Some more context on how you’d like this to work would be useful here.

Which date would the deliveries show on when arranging delivery runs? How would the other date be seen?

This would be great for when you’re dealing with external couriers, where the packing team need to know the ‘dispatch day’ (for when the courier picks up) and the customer would like to know the ‘delivery day’ (for when it will actually be delivered, usually one day after).

Just to add our use experience of this in as there is a minor disconnect - this is something we manage externally from breww at a sales level (e.g. the sales team discuss the dispatch method and desired delivery date with customer and backtrack from there - Customer wants it on 2nd, but it’s going by next day courier, so schedule for the 1st).

Our thinking on this is that Self Delivery & Collection the date is the delivery & dispatch date, whereas the courier date is the dispatch date (with delivery date dependant on service chosen 24/48.etc) - at the point of ‘dispatch’ an order must be prepared regardless of delivery date - so would a potential solution be to keep the date entered into Sales as a ‘Delivery Date’ (the date the customer wants delivery), but then based on the dispatch method chosen breww automatically determines a date?

Self delivery/collections would have the same date (or maybe you could set +1 day to give prep time) but then couriers work slightly differently - if you use courier X, then dispatch day needs to be X days earlier, and this is automatically placed by breww to the correct day for dispatch (somewhere attached to a courier (or even a courier service, depending how deep the upcoming courier integration goes) you could enter Courier A requires dispatch date to be X days prior to Delivery date.)

Hope that makes sense?

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We send pallets by courier. The courier company needs a delivery note (or even better would be an order manifest) showing delivery address, delivery date, weight of consignment etc but the goods are dispatched 2-3 days prior if using economy service. The dispatch date is needed for the brewery.

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We’ve realised this is a duplicate of another thread, so I’m merging the other thread below here…

Small feature here that would help us in arranging daily orders going via a number of couriers - having the option to select a ‘collection date’ separately to the ‘delivery date’.

Would give us a list of orders on a day to be collected, and then a list of orders each day that are due to land with customers. It would also give a list of orders that are effectively 'in-transit.


Thanks for the suggestion, Alex. You’re right that at the moment, Breww has just a single date (really intended as the collection date). We’re expecting to build Courier Integrations very soon, and doing so will result in the concept of the dispatch/collection date differing from the delivery date. I’m linking these two ideas together so we can consider building these in conjunction :+1: Thank you

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Nice one Luke, do you have a rough ETA for the integrations bit too as this would be very helpful for us?

We’re expecting to have the courier integrations done in Q2 this year. We cannot totally guarantee that will be the case as there are still a number of unknowns, but we’re pretty confident it should be ready in Q2. Cheers :+1:

Edit: The courier integration is in beta testing, with a full launch coming soon. It doesn’t initially include these separate dates, but please vote for this thread if you’d like to have this added.

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