Ability to Categorise/Organise Collections

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Much in the same way that it’s possible to assign orders under “Deliveries (own vehicles)” to vehicles, and those under “Deliveries (courier)” to different couriers, it would be handy if it were possible to similarly categorise/organise orders under “Collections” somehow.

Ideally it would be flexible/customisable, to allow for multiple possible use cases - e.g to split AM and PM collections, or trade vs retail, or one haulier vs another when pallet collections etc.

Hopefully that makes sense!


In addition to this we think it would be helpful to assign ‘Collections’ to hauliers. We use this manifest for palletised goods that are collected by hauliers rather than couriers for small consignments. It would be good to be able to assign them to the haulier but also to add a reference for the consignment, and potentially AM/PM would be helpful too as Greg suggests.

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I think a prompt to fill with a consignment number if known as well would be helpful, even pulling to the delivery note that gets printed and passed to the driver.

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Thanks everyone. I can see how groups/categories would be helpful in the collections section (and also even in the couriers section).

Can I ask why pallet/haulier deliveries are being put through the collections section, rather than the couriers section (with the right haulier “courier” assigned)? I’m sure there’s a good reason, but putting these through as courier orders would mean that you could assign them to the right haulier and allow the entry of consignment numbers.

To add our use case here - we would put a pallet delivery in as a collection where the haulier has been arranged by the customer, this mostly happens for us with export, but very rarely domestically too.

In this instance, it lets the warehouse team know to prepare the pallet, but not to arrange delivery. The pallet can then also be signed for in breww as having left us for our records.

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We tend to use the collections section for large/pallet network/haulier deliveries, and the couriers section for small/direct/car/van/courier deliveries. This helps our warehouse and logistics departments to quickly and easily distinguish between orders that need significant advanced preparation (pallets), versus those that don’t.


Ok, thanks guys, that’s useful to know.

Yes, this is the same reason we do it. Its quite a different task to pick/pack small courier parcels (and sometimes done by other people) compared to the warehouse task of preparing the pallets for haulier collection.

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just reiterating that it would be really helpful to be able to organise collections. We are looking to have a better way of tracking consignment numbers against haulier collections and if we had a way of assigning an order to a haulier we could be sure that it had been booked and that it had a consignment number associated with it.

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Thanks, Hazel, and I’m sorry for the slow response.

I understand why you’d like these in the Collections section, and I’m happy leaving this feature request open to get to one day, but I honestly, don’t see why you can’t just use the Couriers section, as it’s got these features already and this use case is exactly what it was designed for.

I might be missing something, but I don’t see why you cannot just create a “Courier” named “Haulier” (or the actual name of the haulier, or even multiple) and then use this to categorise their deliveries. This would let you generate picks/manifests/delivery-notes for just their orders, and even let you enter the consignment number. Although under the same “main heading” as other courier orders, they’re still able to be categorised separately.

The courier’s section does what you’re asking for. In all honestly, it seems to me that you’re just using the wrong section for these orders. Maybe our naming choice of “Couriers” is a little confusing.

With the number of outstanding feature requests, and the fact that all the key features being asked for already exist in a section purpose-built for exactly your use case, I don’t feel that I can prioritise us building this request over many of the others on the list.

If I’ve still missed an important point, please do let me know as I’m happy to discuss and be proven wrong :smile: