Manifest for courier deliveries


Is it possible to add a ‘Print Delivery Manifest’ option for deliveries by courier? Just like there is for if you’re making a delivery in one of your own vehicles? It would be really helpful as a summary for what needs to be picked and packed.


Hi Gemma,

Thanks for the suggestion. Amazingly, this task was done at the end of last week, but wasn’t deployed yet.

The task was in the review and testing stage, but seeing your message prompted it to jump the queue, so we’ve completed testing just now and deployed it for use.

If you go to the couriers section, you’ll see a new button named “Print pick list” which gives you a similar setup to what the “delivery manifest” on own vehicle deliveries has. This one is just a pick list however, so is simply grand totals per product and doesn’t give you the order detail as to which items are in which order.

Our thinking was that you’d print all the delivery notes and/or invoices, plus this pick list. The pick list can be used to get all the items ready, and then they can be placed into the right boxes for the couriers by going through the delivery notes/invoices. If you’d find it helpful to have the individual order breakdown on the pick list too, we can look to add this in as well.

Please let us know what you think of the new courier pick list, thanks! :+1:

Hi Luke

Great timing! Adding order details would be great for us as we try to be as paper-less as we can be.


That’s great!

This should be a fairly simple addition now that the groundwork is done, so I’ll see if we can get this in for you soon.


Hi Gemma,

We’ve completed this update for you now. The order-level details are now shown on the courier pick list, to help you save paper.

At Breww, we’re big fans of reducing paper, so if you’ve any other suggestions on how we can save even more paper (or the planet in any other way), please let us know :deciduous_tree:


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Any chance this could be done for collections too?


Hi Tim,

Yes, great idea. We’ll get let you know when this is ready.



Hi again Tim,

One of the team had a gap in their schedule this morning and jumped on this for you. You should see a collection manifest now, much like the courier and own-vehicle delivery versions.

Cheers :beers: