How do I split a single turn at cast between FVs & keep gyle number

Good morning, a possible newby question but I couldn’t see anything that covered what I specifically want.

I brew a batch on a 33 hl brewkit, and then split the wort between 2 16.5 hl FVs (I don’t have any 33 hl FVs).

At the moment the only way I can see to do this is to transfer 16.5 hl from the brewkit to an FV, but it only allows me to do this once. So then I have to transfer an amount from that FV to another, then add liquid to both FVs to make up the volume.

Is there any way to do this which is less clunky and time consuming?


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Hi Al,

Thanks for posting, and welcome to the Breww community! This is a good question. I would recommend, for now, creating a new vessel in Breww which has a big enough capacity for the largest batch you are going to produce; this tank is purely theoretical, and you could name it “virtual vessel”, for example. You would use this vessel to transfer the entire batch volume from the Brew kit into and then transfer out of your “virtual vessel” into as many FV tanks as you need. When you transfer a quantity to a new vessel, you can give it a new gyle number, but if you do not select this option, it will transfer with the same Gyle number.

I would also suggest checking out the feature request for Ability to brew into 2 (or more) FV’s, as this might be what you are looking for and is probably worth a vote to.

Let me know if you have any questions at all about this, and I will be happy to help.

Thanks for that Connor, I have upvoted that other thread you linked as that would be ideal for me.


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