Parti-Gyle (Big beer/Little beer)

Hi guys.

I’ve been looking but can’t seem to find any guidance on ‘parti-gyle’ brewing wherein the runnings from a ‘big beer’ are used to create a ‘small beer’. In our example the last runnings from a 300L batch of 1.098 stout, which came out at 1.066, were being used to create 400L of a 1.040 porter.

I can’t create 2x recipes in this example as the ingredients would be deducted twice.

All I can think of is splitting the recipe proportinally based on literage yield i.e if 100kg of Maris was used in total, the two recipes would be split with a 3/7 and 4/7 respective split (42.86 + 57.14). Bit more complex in our scenario as 12 malts were used but it would be doable!

Just messaging in case I’m missing a feature or obvious fix.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Laurie,
Thanks for the question!

Breww has the ability to split a batch up into two batches, where you can then assign a different beer and recipe to the new batch. The ingredient cost of the transferred beer is brought through to the new batch, where you can then add more ingredients to the new batch (with their costs just applying to the new batch). Does this sound like a solution for your situation? If I’m understanding your situation correctly, on the ‘big beer’ recipe, you’d only need what went in to the big beer, including the runnings. Then anything only used only on the small beer could be added separately to the new after separating the batches.

If this sounds like it might work to you (you can always roughly test out this process and then undo all your actions), a split batch is made by transferring an amount of beer from the big beer batch when it is in a vessel. You’ll be prompted to confirm if this is to make a new batch. When on the new batch, you can then click Actions > Edit batch details, to change the beer and recipe. Ingredients won’t be automatically added to the new batch from the recipe, so you’d need to add these manually from the Ingredients tab on the batch.

I hope this helps, let me know if you’ve got any questions.