Double Brewing into one FV (multi-turn batches)


I only just realised as I came to brew my first double batch since moving on to Breww that there isn’t an easy feature for double brews. I feel like this is such a common thing in the industry that it should definitely have some functionality on Breww. I know there is some work arounds but just being able to brew into the FV (Which is set to a larger size in my case) then being able to brew/merge/blend into it would make it much easier.



Thanks Lewis, you’re absolutely right.

The good news is that a major project to handle multi-turn batches is already in progress :+1: It’s been asked for many times in the past, but strangely has never been asked for here on the community (which is the best place for requests like this), so thank you for opening this thread.

I can’t guarantee it as we’re still in the early stages and there are a number of unknowns still, but we’re expecting this to be ready in the next 4-6 weeks. Update: This is taking longer than expected, but don’t worry, it’s progressing well and we’re working hard to have it completed as soon as we can.

If anyone else would like to see this, please vote above and add any extra comments or related suggestions and we’ll do our best to incorporate the suggestions.

This feature has now arrived :tada: We hope this is a useful addition for everyone and can’t wait to build further on this functionality!

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