Transfer to vessel - Brewhouse smaller than FV and needs two batches to fill

We have a 10bbl brewhouse. So to fill our 20bbl fermenters, we have to brew 2 separate batches and blend. However, once we transfer the first batch into the FV, that FV isn’t available to transfer the second batch into. So the FV is half full and if we don’t have a spare FV to just fake the system and transfer and blend, we’re stuck. Which is where we find ourselves at the moment. I’m going to cancel the second batch, go back and edit the first batch to hold the whole of the 20 bbls, but that’s just as a bandaid for the moment. Thanks!

Hi Maggie,
We have the same issue, there are a couple different workarounds as you’ve alluded to - you could oversize your brewhouse in breww & build out your recipes into two mashes/boils/transfers.etc so that although you are effectively doing 1 brew in breww, you can accurately record your data as two batches. This is not as admin heavy as it sounds as there are various copy functions on the recipe creator.
Or if you don’t have a free FV you could create a dummy FV brew batch 1 at 10bbl into that, then brew batch 2 into your intended FV, then blend your dummy FV into it. The dummy FV can always be obsoleted down the line & hidden from the vessel visualization.

All that being said, I know the Breww team is working on functionality for multi-turn batches, which hopefully is coming soon.


Hi Maggie,

We have written multi turn recipes at the fermenter size.

Eg: Mash, Sparge, Boil, Whirlpool, Mash, Sparge, Boil, Whirlpool, Fermentation.

In Breww we press start batch on day one, then transfer the total volume to vessel on day 2 after our second turn.

That way you don’t have to to do all the blending or have phantom tanks.



Thanks for the workaround ideas, Steve & Mike. Hopefully soon! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion, Maggie, and Steve & Mike for your great ideas :+1:

There’s some really useful information here, which I hope will help others too, but I’m going to close this thread as we’ve another for multi-turn batches over at:

Steve’s right - the multi-turn batches feature is well underway, but has snowballed into a bigger task than originally expected, so it’s taking longer than planned, however I can assure you it’s getting closer every day. The recently launched multi-vessel batch planning feature, was part of the precursor work on multi-turn batches :grinning: