Ability to brew into 2 (or more) FV's

We are a 20bbl brewery but fairly regularly put a single brew into 2 x 10bbl fermenters. At the moment I can’t see any way to do that apart from doing 2 x 10bbl brews. Its fine if each fv gets its own Gyle - it would just be useful not to have everything setup as 2 different brews.

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we have worked out a way to do this using a virtual 20bbl fermenter, and then transferring out of this. seems to work fine so no rush on this one!

Apologies for not replying to this before, Ben.

With the addition of multi-turn batches, this is now possible (as long as you use at least the number of turns as the number of FVs). Does this cover what you’re needing, or is something else still required?

Hello Breww Brains Trust,

We’ve come across a similar problem I’d love to get a solution for.

We have a 25hL brewhouse and are brewing twice (2x turns) into two separate Fermentation Vessels across two days of brewing. To save on yeast, we brew the first turn and split 25hL into two FV’s. (12.5hL per vessel) on day one and pitch half the yeast required (one 500g bag each FV).

On day 2/Second turn, we want to be able to transfer into those same two FV’s (adding another 12.5hL of oxygenated wort, no more yeast required) to both vessels.

Because of the second fresh batch of oxygenated wort 24hrs later, we use only half the yeast required than we would for a single tank batch.

Having an FV with a fresh batch in the tank basically blocks out the tanks from receiving any more wort. A multi-turn batch into a single fermenter makes sense, but how do we do multi-turn batches shared across multiple fermenters?

This would be super helpful especially when we get massive orders of a single beer. A way to measure every turn, the specific gravity of each turn, and even average out the OG per tank would be game-changing.

Hope this makes sense. Any ideas to facilitate this on Breww would be awesome.

Cheers and Beers,


Thanks Evan. For now, you’ll need to create a large “dummy” or “virtual” vessel in Breww and then you can initially transfer to this vessel, then from this vessel to the real intended vessel to get around this limitation.

Please can you give this thread a vote? This will help push it up the priority list so we can build the full feature here to save you from having to do this workaround. For more information on how we prioritise and handle feature requests, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙