Multi-turn batches

In order to best deal with situations where you brew multiple times (turns) to create a single batch, we recommend setting it up in the following way.

First set up a recipe for that beer, or a recipe not attached to a beer at all if you would like to create a “Base” multi-turn recipe that you can copy from. You can simply copy this new recipe from an existing recipe as well if one has already been created. Then just copy each section that is repeated during a multi-turn batch, for example, the “Mash” stage and the “Boil” stage. You should then have a recipe with multiple of the same brewing stages, each group of repeated stages representing the relevant turn. You could also insert some “Post-turn clean” stages after each one, to add cleaning instructions after each. If the beer has single and multi-turn recipes, you’ll be able to select which one you want when creating a batch of that beer.

Then on the recipe, maintain a single instance of each “Fermenting” stage, as at this point we are dealing with the combined total of all turns on that recipe. So you can update it to increase ingredient quantities to account for the increased batch size, if necessary. At the end, it should look something roughly like this: Pre-brew checks > Mash > Boil > Post-clean > Pre-brew checks > Mash > Boil > Post-clean > Fermentation.

When brewing this multi-turn recipe in Breww, you will need to wait until the full volume is ready to transfer to your initial vessel, as you are not yet able in Breww to transfer from your brewing system to your initial vessel multiple times (i.e. after the first turn, then again after the second turn to top up what is already in the vessel). So you will need to brew that recipe once and only move over the full volume when all turns are complete. However, because the brew sheet is now a multi-turn brew sheet, you are able to record everything that is done on each turn.

We’re actively looking to add dedicated multi-turn functionality, where Breww is aware that a batch is being brewed over 2, 3 etc. days and can provide specific features and analysis for it - such as allowing you to move volumes over at the end of each turn and instant comparison and analysis of key metrics between the turns and other helpful features.

Any ideas / requests on this functionality, please just post them below or on the Ideas & feature requests section of the forum!


Hi Max,

What about when we brew a batch that goes into two fermenters? How can that be assigned when we create batch (because the drop down window doesn’t allow choosing two fv’s). thanks, Laurie

Hi Laurie,

Welcome to the community!

For batches that go into two fermenters from the brewing system, you currently need to create a “Fake” vessel, then move the batch into that before then splitting it into the correct vessels.

We have planned on our roadmap to add the ability to split batches directly from the brewing system, so as soon as that’s done I’ll notify you here!