Multi-turn batches over different days

How do I deal with multi-turn batches that we brew over different days?
We will somethimes brew over consecutive days into the same tank. I can’t see how we manage this in Breww or put this into the schedule.

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Hi Robert,
Was it that you were trying to schedule the brewing system to be used for multiple days by the same batch? It’s not currently possible to show this on the batch schedule, I’m afraid (you can with a normal vessel).
If you can let me know if this was the exact issue you were having, I can convert this post into a feature request for you.

Yes please.
We brew 2 or 3 times over consecutive days into the same tank and would like to be able to show this on the schedule. We can put in 2 or 3 turns for the batch, but the schedule has them all on the same day.

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Thanks for confirming, Robert.

Apologies for the confusion, but this is already a feature request, so would you be able to vote for the existing request? You can find it at Allow recording the number of days that a brew will take and block the brewing system on the schedule/calendar Thank you.

Hi Robert,
I have this same issue and the easiest way I have found to get round it is to create a virtual tank which I brew into and then transfer it from there into the correct tank.

Hi Ben
So am I right that you create two brew days, one into the correct tank, one into a virtual tank, and then combine the two into the correct tank?
Does this create any issues with gyle numbers?